Antminer E9 2400M

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The Antminer E9 2400M of Bitmainspecialized in mining Ethereum Classic, has a higher throughput than any other GPU This ASIC dedicated to the mining of Ethashhas a mining power of 2,400MHs and a consumption of 1920w/h.

Currently (11/29/2022) this machine is generating 5.72/day, which means 0.29133600 ETC daily.

What is Bitmain?

Bitmain is a company based in Beijing, China. It is considered one of the most important companies in the cryptocurrency industry by generating high quality mining hardware, with huge mining capabilities and for its technological advancements. It is the world's largest designer of cryptocurrency mining equipment. ASIC for mining Bitcoin.

Bitmain, is mostly recognized for Bitcoin hardware, although it is interested in those projects that bring solidity to its company, as in this case Ethereum/Ethereum Classic.

In April 2021, the big manufacturer announced the launch of a machine for Ethreum mining whose name would be, Antminer E9 2400M. This real beast has the equivalent power of 25 Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU's.


antminer e9

Ethereum classic vs Ethereum:

This cryptocurrency was launched in July 2016, whose primary function is as a network of
smart contracts, with the ability to store and support Dapps.
Since the launch of this Crypto, it has been trying to differentiate itself from its big brother, as it
that this set out to preserve the integrity of the existing ETH blockchain.


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Power Consumption1.920 W
Hashrate2,400 Mh/s
Humidity5 - 95 %
LaunchApril 2021
Temperature5-45 °C