Goldshell LT LITE 1620M


Esta máquina fabricada por Goldshell tiene una potencia media de 1.620MHS, aunque tiene un consumo de 1.450W/H, lo que no está nada mal teniendo en cuenta los ingresos que genera. Se trrata de la Goldshell Lt Lite 1620M.

We all know Bitcoin, don't we? Well, you might be interested in this.
LiteCoin was originally a fork of Bitcoin, and is one of the most popular forks of Bitcoin.
cryptocurrencies that, through mining with ASICs, can guarantee profitability to the



Scrypt performs a hash using a key and a series of dots marked in the algorithm,
adding a lot of noise. The noise is random numbers generated by the
algorithm and stored in memory.
The purpose of these numbers is to camouflage key data in order to make it more difficult to break down
hash blocks. Ultimately, it is a protective measure that prevents people from
malicious attackers can access Scrypt-protected data.



LiteCoin is a crypto created to provide secure, cheap and fast payments,
thanks to blockchain technology.
When we say that it is a fork of Bitcoin, it is that it was literally intended, as follows
as a "lite", small, version of the big cryptocurrency.

This network was launched on October 13, 2011.
With 11 years of trajectory, it has achieved acceptance among retailers and
has been listed among the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization
for most of its existence.



This cryptocurrency was born on the market as part of a meme in 2013, but more
later his community made the decision to change the network to AUXPOW, thus merging the AUXPOW network with the AUXPOW network.
with the LTC network in September 2014. This move meant that the value of Dogecoin
increased by more than 180% in just a few weeks.
LiteCoin is the 7th most used cryptocurrency by market capitalization,
This has enabled Doge to significantly improve its security, as it has a
much higher computational power.


Goldshell is recognized as one of the pioneering companies in the
technology, especially the blockchain network. He has focused, in particular, on the
production and sale of chips.

This company is distinguished for having produced and sold power servers
of large projects such as:

- LiteCoin: Goldshell LT5 PRO 2.45G
– Nervos Network: Goldshell CK6 19.3T
- Handshake and SiaCoin: Goldshell HS6 4.3T
And obviously Kadena, with the KDMAX model.

Goldshell stands out for its strong central equipment, which establishes a system of operation
from algorithm research, to chip implementation, to the implementation of
production of batches and their delivery, thus becoming an excellent supplier for
and a promoter of the mining industry.

It is an excellent competitor, seeking to be the most pioneering in new technology, improving
continuously improve IT performance and create efficient services for development
of the digital economy.


Income for the day


Weight 8.10 Kg
Dimensions 264 x 200 x 290 mm
Known AsLT Lite Dogecoin + Litecoin
Hashrate1.62 Gh/s
Humidity5 - 65 %
LaunchMay 2022
ModelLT Lite
Noise Level55 dB
Power1.450 W
Temperature0 - 35 °C


1.62 Gh/s
1450 W