Nvidia - RTX 3090 TI Founders Edition

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The GeForce RTX™ 3090 Ti are GPUs (BFGPUs) with TITAN-class performance. Powered by Ampere, NVIDIA's second-generation RTX architecture, they double ray tracing and AI performance with enhanced ray tracing cores, Tensor cores, and new streaming multiprocessors. It also features a staggering 24GB of G6X memory to deliver the ultimate gaming experience for gamers and creators.


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti - Technical Specifications

The first thing many gamers are wondering is how NVIDIA has improved the RTX 3090 Ti to be the most powerful model in the entire Ampere RTX 30 generation. same GA102but it is named differently: GA102-350.

Same manufacturing process, die size, VRAM memory, bus... but, there are 2 fundamental touches: a memory GDRR6X at 21 Gbps y more CUDA Coresalthough Tensor Cores and RT Cores have increased very slightly.

However, the most remarkable evolution at power level is in Streaming MultiprocessorsFrom 82 to 84, which add up to 7 graphics processing clusters and 42 additional texture processing clusters, this is the most powerful GPU in the history of this platform!

Another major improvement is the frequency:

  • Base1560 MHz compared to 1395 MHz for the RTX 3090.
  • Turbo1860 MHz versus 1695 MHz.

That said, you will see that the models custom have much higher frequencies, especially the turbo one: they reach the 1950 MHz no problems.

All this feast of improvements is paid for with a currency called consumption: the TDP of increases 100W. This has forced NVIDIA to recommend an 850 W power supply to avoid undesirable power supply bottlenecks.

And you will see that the PCIe connection has changed because it comes with only a single port of 12 pins. Don't worry about this because the manufacturers have included a 3-header adapter inside the box.

Not only that, it's a bigger GPU (yet): 70 mm thick which make it a GPU of 3.5 slots. So, keep that in mind when buying it because it won't fit in many PC boxes.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the large price difference: 500 difference ($1499 vs $1999) compared to the RTX 3090. However, we must say that the NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti does not suffer the overpricing that the RTX 3090 has suffered, so you will find more expensive original models than the vitaminized ones.


*Refurbished product