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Connect your equipment to our Hosting before availability runs out

Benefits of hosting

On-site maintenance

by our technicians

Don't waste time on shipping and repairs. We take care of maintaining your machine's proper functioning.


24/7 Video Surveillance

We have security and video surveillance systems to provide customers with maximum peace of mind.

Air Cooling System

by Air

Our air cooling system will keep your equipment at optimal cooling conditions even on the hottest days.

Mining earnings

directly to your wallet

No commissions or mining percentages, what's yours is yours.

Get a 50% discount for a limited time on shipping and installation costs

Cost kwh


Machine shipping to Hosting

170€ (RRP: 340€)


81€ (PVP: 162€)

Annual subscription


¿Do you have a machine?

We accept equipment purchased on our website or those you already own.

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C. de Canarias, 40, 28045 Madrid

Neda - A Coruña

Lugar Coto


Carrer de Casanova, 92

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