GPU Rigs

A Rig is a computer equipment whose purpose is the mining of cryptocurrencies. It is composed of several graphics cards (GPU's) that work by combining their power to obtain the hash of a block and thus obtain a reward.

A mining rig is based on the same components as a conventional computer, except that, instead of one graphics card, we have several. The number of graphics cards is limited by the design of the motherboard and the chassis where we mount. The purpose in the design of our equipment is always to maximize performance while taking care of efficiency.


Currently these equipments allow to combine the mining of several cryptocurrencies to maximize their profitability such as dual mining of: ETHF+KAS, ETC+KAS, ETHF+ALPH or of little known cryptocurrencies whose profitability has recently risen such as NEOXA, MEOWCOIN, ETHW OR FLUX.


The main advantages of the mining IGR are as follows:

  • Adaptability: At MinandoVoy we can adapt both the configuration of the RIGs and their components according to the characteristics and conditions of each client, which allows us to offer customized equipment.
  • Longer durability, RIGs have a higher durability rate, as most of their components can even reach 10 years of use.
  • Easy component replacement. If any component is damaged by the passage of time, you can easily replace it, since you can get spare parts at hand, either: GPU, power supply, motherboard, fan...
  • Multiple mining options, and what stands out the most about the rigs is the peculiarity of being able to mine the algorithm you want (as long as it can be mined with GPU) and the currency you want, since it does not stick to a single algorithm as ASICs do.

Consult with our experts for the possibility of customized equipment.

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