ASIC warranty standards


- The equipment cannot be in a place with an ambient temperature of more than 16 degrees Celsius, this would cause overheating of the machine, which impairs the proper operation of the equipment.

- The place of operation of the equipment cannot be a humid place, due to the low tolerance level of the plate to water.

- The amperage with which the power is supplied to the equipment must be verified because it can cause a short in the ASIC which would lead to the breakdown of the machine.

- Any configuration or modification of the ASIC must be verified and approved by MINANDOVOY technical service, we will not be responsible for modifications made by another company or by the customer.

- The equipment must not be knocked or dropped, as this would void the warranty due to customer negligence.

- In the event of any ASIC malfunction, you should contact the service team and do not undertake the repair yourself, as disassembling, tampering with or removing the ASIC case will result in immediate loss of warranty.

- In the event that the machine has suffered any damage in transport, or any component has stopped working due to factory failure of the machine, MINANDO VOY will take care of such repair (always within the warranty period). The customer must send the machine in good packaging conditions, safe and with protections. If the machine arrives without protections and with bad packaging, MINANDO VOY will not be responsible for repairs.

- The equipment needs a prolonged maintenance in time (recommended 2 to 3 times a year). If any component is damaged by not performing such maintenance, it is stipulated as OUT OF WARRANTY. Remember we are here to help you contact us for professional advice and do not make any of the above mentioned mistakes.