New Bitmain release: Antminer KS3

Bitmain, a leading manufacturer of Bitcoin mining equipment, has announced the launch of its first miner designed specifically for the Kaspa cryptocurrency (KAS). It is called the Antminer KS3.

This new device achieves a hash rate of 8.3 terahashes per second (Th/s). Power efficiency is also a highlight of the KS3, with 3,188W (similar to the S19 XP Bitcoin miner). Meanwhile, the energy efficiency ratio reported by Bitmain in its announcement is 0.38 J/G, a key factor in maximizing miner profits.

It is worth noting that Bitmain, which also makes ASIC miners for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and Zcash, has not yet disclosed the price of the KS3 for mining Kaspa. This is because the company is offering a discount coupon to those who guess the price of the device before May 19.

The launch of KS3 represents an important milestone for both Bitmain and Kaspa. Although Kaspa is a relatively new cryptocurrency, it has achieved a solid position in the industry in a very short time. Kaspa's hash rate tripled in the first quarter of 2023. Towards the end of last year, after the Ethereum merger, it became one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine with graphics cards (GPUs).

Bitmain's announcement divides the launch of the KS3 to mine Kaspa into several stages. The first stage, from May 16-19, consists of a contest in which customers can guess the price of the miner to win a $10,000 voucher.

The second stage begins on May 19 and lasts until May 24, and involves deposits to reserve the product. On May 26, the purchase will be open for those who have made the deposit and, finally, on May 27, distribution will begin, which will continue until August, according to the company's plans.

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