Paraguay exploits BTC mining with more than 15PH of mining power.

Argentinian Bitcoin mining company South American Miners has expanded to
Paraguay and will be located in Asunción with a multi-year business plan for
take advantage of the low cost of electricity. The low cost of electricity in Paraguay is
the main reason why the miners in the Bitcoin are based in that country, and that is
especially true for South American Miners, a startup primarily dedicated to
liquid-cooled mining equipment.

The mining farm being constructed by South American Miners in Paraguay will be
ready by February 2023 and will have a hashrate of more than 15 PH/s, as detailed by
from the company. The minimum investment amount for those who wish to be part of the
project starts at USD 10,000.

The decision to choose Paraguay as an investment destination is due to the fact that the country's electricity is
100% sustainable energy. It also has one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
Latin America, with very sound fiscal policies, low inflation and trade surpluses,
Facundo Casal, CEO of South American Miners, told the Iproup portal.
Bitcoin mining is an increasingly popular industry around the world, and Paraguay has
has become an attractive destination for miners due to its low cost of capital.
electricity. As the technology of cryptocurrency mining develops and becomes more
becomes more efficient, it is likely that we will see an increase in the number of miners in

Construction of the mining farm in Asunción also has an economic impact
positive for the region, since the company will hire local workers and contribute to the
economic development of the area. In addition, the South American Miners project could
attracting other cryptocurrency miners to Paraguay, which could further increase the
economic impact.

However, it is important to mention that Bitcoin mining also has its challenges.
One of the biggest problems is the high energy consumption required for the process, which is
which has led to criticism from environmental advocates. In addition, the
Bitcoin mining is also highly competitive and requires a large investment in
equipment and technology to succeed.

In conclusion, South American Miners has made the decision to expand into Paraguay,
due to its low electricity cost and sound fiscal policies. The mining farm
will be ready by February 2023 and will feature a hashrate of more than 15 PH/s, offering
an opportunity for those interested in investing in the project. As the
cryptocurrency mining technology continues to evolve, Paraguay is shaping up to be one of the world's leading
as an increasingly attractive destination for Bitcoin mining.

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