Ipollo V1 mini 130mhs

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Ipollo v1 mini 130mhs

The ASIC iPollo V1 MINI 130Mhs of mining power exploits the ETHASH algorithm with a power consumption of only 104w. Ready for the Proof Of Stake? We do!

The ipollo v1 mini 130mhs from Ipollospecialized in mining Ethereum Classic, has a performance similar to that of an Ethereum Classic. GPU This ASIC dedicated to the mining of EthashThe mining power is 130MHs and the power consumption is 104w/h.

Undermines the algorithm ETHASHAlthough ETHEREUM cannot be mined through the Merge, we have many other alternatives to mine with this machine, among them is: Ethereum Classic.


Ipollo is a company that designs electronic equipment, more oriented, perhaps, to the cryptocurrency field.
This company has created different machines for cryptocurrency mining such as:
- Ethereum: Ipollo V1
- Bitcoin: Ipollo B1L
- Grin: Ipollo G1
Although they also have equipment for FileCoin, Chia, Swarm... Ipollo is trying to increase the computing power and reduce energy consumption, and all this thanks to its growth and reception in the market.


Ethereum classic vs Ethereum:

This cryptocurrency was launched in July 2016, whose primary function is as a network of
smart contracts, with the ability to store and support Dapps.
Since the launch of this Crypto, it has been trying to differentiate itself from its big brother, as it
that this set out to preserve the integrity of the existing ETH blockchain.


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