NEW VIDEO: Comparing ASIC vs RIG. KADENA vs ETHEREUM. Which is the most profitable? 06/2022

Hello Miners! ⛏

We have uploaded a video to YOUTUBE where we compared a KADENA ASIC against a ETHEREUM RIG. In it we explain the differences between them and their respective returns.

We highlight some of their main differences:

Differences between a KADENA ASIC and a mining RIG

Prepared for mining in the Blake 2s-Kadena algorithm. In its algorithm there is only one coin: KADENA. High noise approximately 74Db. Consumption of 2,250w. Composed of Hash cards. More compact model, covered components. Less maintenance if the space meets the conditions* Less durability, obsolete components. Higher complexity of spare parts. Generates a lot of heat (similar to 3 stoves). Cost of the two machines: 35,900€. Prepared for mining more than a single algorithm. Can mine more than 200 coins. Each one of the Rigs consumes only 1,150w. Hardly generates noise, perfect for your home. Composed by Gpu's Components visible and exposed to the environment. Longer maintenance over time. Greater durability and less obsolescence. Easier supply of spare parts. Possibility of dual or triple mining. Generates little heat (similar to 1 stove). Racketable, possibility of stacking. Cost of the two machines: 25.000€.

*The conditions for a suitable environment are the following:

  • No humidityto have an ASIC, the ambient humidity must be less than one degree Celsius. 5-10%
  • VentilationOne of the most important things in a mining machine is the ventilation and air flow, allowing the machine to keep its temperature stable and work at high performances.
  • Mite freeFor a mining machine it is very important to set up in a clean place, since the fans, being high flow, absorb the air to cool the cards, which means that if they absorb dust from that air, it will enter the cards and cause them to overheat.

I leave you the link so you can take a look at it: 

If it does not allow you to access the video click here.

*This video was recorded between March and April 2022 when Kadena was trading at approximately 6$ and Ethereum at 3,300 $.
*It should be clarified that the prices of the mining machines have been reduced with respect to the video due to the fall of the market.

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