The total rewards per Dash block will be reduced from 2.49 to 2.31 DASH when the block height reaches 1,892,161.

This block height is estimated to occur on approximately June 23, 2023.

The rewards per block of DASH received by Mineris will be reduced from 1.05 to 0.98 DASH.


Dash is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin, but with some special features. It was created in 2014 and focuses on offering fast and private transactions.

One of the interesting things about Dash is its decentralized governance system. This means that important decisions about the cryptocurrency are made democratically by the user community. All Dash owners can vote and propose changes to the network.

Another important feature of Dash is its focus on privacy. Unlike Bitcoin, Dash offers the option to transact privately. This means that transaction details, such as sending and receiving addresses, are not publicly visible.

Dash also stands out for its transaction speed. Transactions on the Dash network are confirmed much faster than on other cryptocurrencies. This is possible thanks to a technology called "Masternodes" that helps speed up the transaction verification process.

In addition, Dash has developed a feature called "InstantSend" that allows instant confirmation of transactions. This means that you can make payments and receive confirmation within seconds, which is very useful for fast, real-time transactions.

In short, Dash is a cryptocurrency that focuses on speed, privacy and decentralized governance. It offers fast transactions, optional privacy and allows users to participate in important network decisions.


When people talk about reducing the reward in cryptocurrencies, they generally refer to the process known as "halving" or "halving".

Reducing the reward on cryptocurrencies has several significant effects. First, it limits the rate of new coin creation, which helps to control inflation and maintain the relative scarcity of cryptocurrency. This can increase the perceived value of the cryptocurrency, as its supply is expected to become more limited over time.

In addition, halving can also affect the profitability and participation of miners. Miners are the participants who use their computing power to secure and validate transactions on the cryptocurrency network.

In general, cryptocurrency reward reduction is a mechanism designed to regulate the issuance of new coins and maintain the economic balance of the network.

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