How Hotmine CM-1 works, the miner that heats your home and generates Bitcoin

An efficient way to heat your home for free.

The current world crisis has led to an increase in the cost of energy: gas, coal, fuels and consequently electricity have risen sharply in price in recent months.

Many homes have gas central heating, which has also seen its price multiplied in recent tables. This increase generates an additional expense that for many families is difficult to assume this winter.

The alternative to traditional heating:

Electric heating is a much better alternative to gas heating. Electric heating does not require restructuring and adaptation of rooms. Electric energy is more universal than the thermal energy of gas heating. 

Interior of the Hotmine CM-1

Hotmine has been developing and manufacturing Bitcoin mining equipment since 2013, in recent years it has been creating not only Bitcoin Miners, but also Miner-heatersThe radiators, i.e. radiators with integrated mining equipment inside, are used to heat spaces through the thermal energy released by the electronic components during the mining process. 

The new Hotmine CM-1

Hotmine developed a new type of mining heater, the intelligent heater. Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater Aesthetically it looks like a conventional electric radiator, so it easily fits into the interior design of any home or office. Unlike other Miners models, Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater is absolutely silent.

Technical specifications:

Power: 9 - 11 Th/s

Consumption: 500 - 900 W;

Efficiency : 0.062 - 0.082 W/Gigahash.

With Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater, you will benefit from:

  • Free heating in your home or business.
  • Additional income in cryptocurrencies.
  • Savings on electricity bills.
Exterior photo of the Hotmine CM-1

From MinandoVoy we support all the alternatives that involve a saving in household energy costs and we recommend that you review our catalog of miners where we also have silent asic that at the same time of generating cryptocurrencies generate heat that you can use directly to heat your home.

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