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Does it ring a bell if I tell you ANTMINER KA3? We know you've heard of it!

Do you know who is BITMAIN? It is considered one of the most influential companies in the cryptocurrency industry by generating mining hardware. Bitcoin with enormous mining capabilities and for its technological advances. It is the world's largest designer of mining equipment. ASIC for mining Bitcoin. And it also operates Antpoolone of the largest Bitcoin mining groups.

Well, we bring you a BREAKING NEWS, and that is that Bitmain, is going to launch its new ASIC model for ¡KADENAthe "ANTMINER KA3“. 

We have been previewed a couple of figures, but they have left it all for the premiere, so far we have the following data:

- Mining power of 1X6T

- Power consumption of XX54W

We will inform you of all the data: consumption, power, price... once the machine is officially launched on the market.

The departure of this machine (ANTMINER KA3) will take place on September 13, 2022 at 16:00 Spanish time.


The leading chip company announced last September 13 a new mining device for the Kadena cryptocurrency with a mining power of 166Th and with a consumption of 3,254w/hour.

This machine is named the Antminer KA3, the first Kadena machine to make its way into the Bitmain family.

The efficiency of this machine so far is unique and unmatched as it provides about 19.2 Watts per TH. Since this machine was launched on the market, its daily estimate has not dropped below 73USD and 52 tokens, which is quite a lot for just one machine.

It has positioned itself in the TOP 1 of profitable machines, ahead of the Antminer L7 which generates 22$ per day, a difference with the KA3 of 51$.

Why do you think Bitmain became interested in the KADENA project? By launching its first KDA machine, the ANTMINER KA3.

This cryptocurrency, KDA, has a large development team that includes former Microsoft, Apple or Bitcoin engineers, as well as good advisors that complement in generating a great confidence in the project.

Bitmain, has joined the large number of companies cooperating with Kadena, and let's not be surprised if we see a lot of adoption and that the project continues to grow exponentially.

Large ex - changes such as Binance, KUcoin, ... have this currency for their users to trade with it.

Undoubtedly, it is a Blockchain that has a lot of future and the potential to reach the TOP20 level.

We should note that Kadena currently has a market cap of over $1 billion and trades as of today (10/18/22) at 1,35$, source: CoinMarketCap. its all-time high was 24$ and reached in November 2021.

If we transfer the highest peak of KADENA to what the machine generates per day, we would be talking about this machine generating: 1250$ a DAY.


What is KDA?

KDA is the token of the Kadena platform. It is used to pay for the execution of smart contracts and transactions on the blockchain. In addition, it is used to remunerate miners on the network for mining the next valid block.

This reward decreases over time. In other words, it follows a procedure similar to Bitcoin. The total supply of KDA is one billion tokens, which are scheduled to be mined in an estimated time of 120 years. 

What do you think about this new Bitmain machine? Do you think Kadena is a good project? We would like to know your opinion... We read you!

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