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Many of you have asked us to do a tutorial on the currency exchange in RIGSdue to the Ethereum Merge, so here we bring it to you.

From Minando Voy we recommend that you set up your rig a few days before the Merge (estimated for
on September 15 or 16) to make it ready to mine another cryptocurrency. First of all, make
the withdrawal of the eth accumulated in the pool where you were mining ETH, because 20 days after the
Merge will not be possible.

Below, we explain our recommendation on which cryptos are interesting and how to use them.
perform the currency exchange after the Merge, something simple that during the first times you will probably have to do several times until it stabilizes.

Our advice is to choose a profitable and stable currency so that, at least during the first few months of operation
weeks after the merge, it is not necessary to constantly change crypto, which means no need to
accumulate the minimum payment of none.
The main alternatives are: ETC,ERGO,RAVEN COIN and FLUX.

Currency exchange after MERGE
The first step is to choose the currency to be mined, the profitability of this and consumption varies in
depending on what graphics card your mining rig has.
One of the most interesting currencies, at least in the first weeks of mining, due to its stability.
and integration in the Hiveos pool and that there is no need to change the overclock of the graphics cards would be

On this page you will be able to check which option is more
interesting for you depending on the card model you have.

The first step would be to create the wallet on our exchange for example ETC important to select the
create it, the network of the crypto itself otherwise the payment could be lost.
We are going to put some simple steps to follow to change the currency in our rig.
In the main menu of HiveOS, where there is a list of all your platforms, look for the menu
"Wallets", go there and create a new wallet. The "Add wallet" button in the right corner.

When you create a wallet from the main menu, you create a global wallet that will be valid for all the
mining platforms.

Next, you must select the "Currency" or cryptocurrency you wish to add. Enter the address
wallet where the extracted coins will come from.
The name of the wallet is whatever you choose, it doesn't matter.
The source is optional, as is the API key.

The next step is to create a flight sheet.
The flight sheet is an option for the final configuration of HiveOS to start mining.
Create a flight sheet or edit an existing flight sheet in the main menu to create a flight sheet
global for all platforms at the same time.

Currency: the choice of the cryptocurrency for which a flysheet is created. Choose ETC.
Portfolio: the choice of the cryptocurrency portfolio created in the previous step.
Pool: choosing a pool for mining, it is advisable to choose among the pools supported for
facilitate the configuration.
For etc or rvn, we chose the Hiveon Pool (from Hiveos).

Miner: the choice of a program for mining. For amd or nvidia cards you can select
lolminer or nbminer.
No additional configurations are required for miner, if you selected a group from the list of the
Click on the "Create flight sheet" button.
Now everything is ready to launch its mining platform on HiveOS.
We go to the RIG created in the Workers menu.

Check that the system sees all the video cards in our case, there are 4 of them, while
the power consumption of the system is already displayed. At the bottom, the worker that we created
called GRIN must not have a white WI-FI icon with an exclamation mark. Otherwise,
your RIG GPU is offline and you cannot manage it.

If your computer is still off-line, connect a monitor to the computer and verify that the system has gone off-line.
In the menu of flight sheets select the desired one and click on the rocket on the right hand side
of the same.
After a minute, we refresh the page in the browser and get a similar result:

The main menu of the platform shows the energy consumption and the hash of the entire platform.
during extraction.
You can now go to the selected group and verify that the hash rate is displayed there.

The first thing worth noting is the out-of-the-box options for tuning video cards
for mining. This functionality is available in the Cards menu.

Select one or all of the video cards at the same time, click on the VELOCIMETER in the
upper right corner and enter the video card overclock menu.

Select a currency and a video card and immediately see the overclocking options.
for the selected GPU. You can also configure all the parameters
manually in the "CONFIG" tab.
It is worth noting here that the power limit (PL) is not set here as a percent of the
nominal value, but in watts. Those. PL100 is a GPU consumption limitation of 100 watts.
Choose one of these options and observe the result:


If you have any questions about which coin to put in your miner after the MERGE, you can contact us by WhatsApp.

Best regards and many cryptos!⛏️😊

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